3 years ago on 10/17/2011
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  1. lintbiscuit answered: What music do you like?
  2. aubreebree answered: Obviously why protoss, what is your favorite unit and why. And who is your favorite Terran, Toss, and Zerg at the moment ^^
  3. immornin answered: Looking forward to it :) Love your blog btw, keep it up!!
  4. nurdrage answered: When did you first play SC?
  5. hiroqs answered: Why protoss? Do you get a lot of crap from guys because you’re a female gamer on tumblr/ladder? Fav korean player and non huk foreigner.
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  7. doigiveafuck answered: How did you get into starcraft, before even finding SC2A, TL, etc.? always been curious
  8. shoch123 answered: How you feel about HuK’s win against MC yesterday?